District 45B

Mike was first elected to represent District 45B in 2012.  The district includes all or portions of the cities of the cities of Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, and Robbinsdale.  Prior to 2012, a majority of the district was represented by Representative Lyndon Carlson, and Representatives Sandy Peterson and Ryan Winkler also represented portions of the district.

This map shows the different voting precincts in District 45B.

Where to Vote:

  • Crystal 1-1: Neill Elementary School, 6600 27th Ave. N.
  • Crystal 1-2: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 2801 Douglas Dr. N.
  • Crystal 2-1: Brunswick United Methodist Church (Social Hall – Downstairs), 6122 42nd Ave. N. – NEW!
  • Crystal 2-2: Crystal City Hall, 4141 Douglas Dr. N.
  • Crystal 3-3: Brunswick United Methodist Church (Terrace Room – Downstairs), 6122 42nd Ave. N.
  • Golden Valley 1a: Northeast Fire Station, 3700 Golden Valley Rd.
  • Golden Valley 2a: Valley Presbyterian Church, 3100 N. Lilac Dr.
  • Golden Valley 4: LOGIS, 5750 Duluth St.
  • Golden Valley 6: Golden Valley City Hall, 7800 Golden Valley Rd.
  • Golden Valley 7b: Sandburg School, 2400 Sandburg Lane
  • New Hope 1: Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School, 8808 27th Ave. N.
  • Robbinsdale Ward 1: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 4201 Regent Ave. N.
  • Robbinsdale Ward 2: Olivet United Methodist Church, 3620 43rd Ave. N.
  • Robbinsdale Ward 3: Elim Lutheran Church, 3978 W. Broadway
  • Robbinsdale Ward 4: American Legion Hall, 3600 France Ave. N.

Map of District 45B